Want landing page copy that converts?Let me write it for you.

So you’ve got a great product and your landing page looks slick. But its conversion rate sucks. Most people just bounce. You know what? Your landing page copy is probably too verbose, confusing, and unnecessarily wordy. Just like this paragraph (who even uses the word 'verbose' nowadays).

Anyway, things don't have to be so complicated. I can help.

I charge $999.
That’s a decent chunk of change. But it’s probably cheaper than an incoherent landing page.

Let’s face it – we’re human. And we judge books by their covers.Your landing page is your product’s cover. And in addition to being beautifully designed, it needs copy that is clear and compelling. Because as the great Donald Miller once said – If you confuse, you lose.Poor copy on a landing page will cost you. You just won’t know how much.

I’ll transform your landing page copy.
From complex to clear. And from confusing to compelling.

People don’t read most websites. They scan them.Give me 5 days, and I’ll rewrite your landing page copy so its visitors don't just scan, they read. Just like you’re reading this paragraph. I’ll also reorder the sections on your landing page, add new ones, and slash those that don’t need to be there.If you aren't thrilled with the results, I'll give it another shot. And another. And then, if you still aren’t happy, I’ll give you your money back, put on a sad song, and walk away quietly into the night.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Who the hell is this guy? And why should I hire him when ChatGPT can do this for free?

I’m Louis.I’m addicted to building digital products, and I love copywriting. Fortunately, ChatGPT isn't very good at writing landing page copy…..yet. Believe me – this tool was supposed to be a landing page copywriter powered by ChatGPT’s API. But it failed. The AI produced results that were interesting, but consistently cringey. So I decided to take things into my own hands. Quite literally.If you’ve got a landing page whose copy needs some attention, I’d love to work on it.

Here's the plan.
It involves beer.

Step 1Send me a link to your current landing page, along with any other details you think I should know.

Step 2Get yourself a few beers. And relax for 5 days while I tear my hair out and hammer away at my keyboard.

Step 3Receive freshly rewritten landing page copy in your inbox. And chug that last beer.

Still not sure?
Maybe these testimonials will help.

"Louis improved my landing page copy, making it much more clear and engaging. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and I am sure that it will lead to a notable boost in conversions. Highly recommend his services."Trevor Brown
Therapist, The Other Therapy

"ReWrite My Landing Page was a great find for me! Louis assisted in converting my old landing page into an effective and persuasive message that connected with my target audience, resulting in improved conversions and satisfied customers. Thank you for your professional assistance and supportive approach!"Pratik Stephen
Founder, StepUp Social Step Counter App

"Thanks to ReWrite My Landing Page and Louis, my landing page has been transformed from confusing to compelling. His expert guidance helped me craft a message that resonated with my audience, resulting in increased conversions and happier customers."Samyak
Founder, Humming World

Got Questions?
Here are answers to a few common ones.

Do you do this asynchronously? Or do I need to get involved?
Yes, this service is 100% async. I’ll email or DM you if I have any questions, but you won’t need to get on a call. If you’ve got specific requests for your landing page copy, you can send those to me via email or Twitter DM.

Can you write landing page copy from scratch? Or do you only do rewrites?
For now, I only do rewrites. You must have a landing page that is live, or at least a document that contains landing page copy. Writing landing page copy from scratch is difficult because I won’t have any idea what you want your landing page to look like.

In what format will you provide landing page copy?
I like to keep things simple. I’ll send you a Google doc with your rewritten landing page copy. I’ll also include comments that explain the rationale behind some of the copy, so you know why it’s there.

Do you also design landing pages?
No, I don’t. I love doing it, and I’ll be happy to provide tips, but I don’t think I’m good enough to charge for design. For now, I’ll stick to copywriting.

What if I don’t like the copy you give me?
I’ll take another pass at it. And another one after that. After two revisions, if you still aren’t happy, I’ll give you your money back.

Let's get started.
A landing page with clear, compelling copy is 5 days away.

The end.
Woah, aren't you a scroller!

Thank you for making it all the way here.If you've still got questions, get in touch with me on Twitter.See you around!